Friday, December 10, 2010

What does a lazy blogger do? hmmm

Dec 11, 2010

Well I did it again. I have been in Siem Reap, Cambodia, 4 days and 4 nights, and I have managed to miss dinner 2 of those nights. Why? Well, I never gave myself time to rest after my flight from the US. And I try to pack everything in as much as I can. So, that means that when I get back to my room in the Villa Siem Reap (great place by the way, but I am discovering that I could have lived in much cheaper places), I am tired out. I tell myself, self, you will nap for 2 hours and then you can get some dinner. But I find myself waking up at 10-11pm and dinner just seems silly. Except for my 1 afternoon after arriving here, I have not been back to Pub Street. I had wanted to visit that street again and see what its nightlife is all about (I have heard of many things). Well, I guess, I won't have a chance to do so after all because it is 2:39am already and the idea of walking from the Villa to there seems a little sketchy to me. I could have gone earlier when I woke up at midnight. But, I had wanted to download the pictures and make facebook albums, etc.. This will be last night where I have free and fast internet access (well not really free as I did pay for the room here). In 10 hrs, I will be flying to Luang Prabang, Laos for my volunteering stint. That means it will be back to the lovely internet cafe speed. My internet cafes experience so far have been Europe and Uganda. Europe doesnt count but Uganda, a developing country, the internet is a test of human patience. So we will see how Luang Prabang's internet speed plays out. It will start to suck to post pictures on facebook. I do it mostly for my friends and family. Kind of the "wish you are here" and "since you can't go to it, I will help and bring it to you" sort of deal. Besides, one of my major incentive is for my friends to see the pictures, read the experiences and think to themselves, "it is lovely and it is not too unsafe", and decide to travel to these lovely spots. Heck better still, it would be awesome if they decide to go into international aid work/volunteering.
Speaking of facebook. I think I will start to cutting and pasting my fb statuses and descriptive comments, revise, and repost them here. It just seems to take forever to write my experiences on FB and regurgitate the same speil here. Besides, I am a lazy blogger.

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